Thomas Frere | Actor


Thomas Frere | Actor
Thomas Frere | Actor

 Actor, Director, Presenter, Musician and Trainer

Hi, I’m Thomas Frere, an actor based in York, UK. One of the original wave of actor/musicians, I now work regularly on stage, screen and as a voice artist.

From the first UK national tour of Bob Carlton’s Return to the Forbidden Planet and the groundbreaking Candide at Liverpool Everyman, to creating Richard Hannay in the original North Country Theatre production of The 39 Steps, with appearances in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and The Royal,  I now also work as a director,  musical director, award-winning presenter and trainer. I’ve been busy touring, working in rep and generally thesping since collapsing, exhausted, out of drama school a hundred years ago.

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Latest: audio guides for the new multi-language marketing website:

The team are offering a series of free marketing guides to help new business get off the ground. Applicable to any new venture in an expanding variety of languages, if you are in business they are well worth a read or a listen! Find out more about my voice artist work.

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Latest distraction: where I left my phone.

Little known: I’m learning French

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